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Power that makes you smile


// Europe Magic Wand opens up a world of sexual wellness

Everyone deserves a good sex life. It’s healthy for both the body and the soul. Massage loosens up muscle groups, eases tension in the body and gives more energy to handle a busy lifestyle. 

For many people, massage also opens the door to a world of sexual wellness that often contains more than they ever thought possible.

  • Soft, rounded head provides a comfortable, relaxing massage
  • 6 speeds – from light and gentle to strong and powerful
  • The only CE-approved ball-top 230 V massager in Europe
  • The best-selling massager type in the USA for 40 years


// Europe Magic Wand – a source of pleasure between two people

Intimacy between two people is very special. It allows them to truly feel themselves, their lives and each other. This is especially true when there is room to fantasize, play and explore desires.

For many people, this can be a source of greater sexual wellness, prolonging the pleasure longer than they ever thought possible.

  • Neutral look promotes fantasizing
  • Foreplay prolongs the pleasure for both
  • Passion can unfold in new ways
  • Intimacy and closeness can develop in the relationship