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EMW is born

AmokMarketing.com is proud to present this fantastic massager and vibrator to the European women.

For many years it was only possible to get the Hitachi Magic Wand through small dealers, when they where rarely in stock.

The Hitachi Magic Wand is not allowed to sell in Europe, due to the non compliance with the CE certification.

To our knowledge EMW is the first CE approved Magic Wand in Europe. Several other manufactures on the European market, can or will not share their documentation for CE certification.

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  • Pure April 20, 2017, 14:26

    I would like to know if Europe Magic Wand Rechargeable will soon be available for sale? Just as it already exists for the American market.

    • Jesper Rubech Rasmussen April 24, 2017, 07:20

      Hi Pure

      We have looked into making a version of Europe Magic Wand with a battery. We however came to the conclusion that it was not adding enough benefit versus the disadvantages by the battery.

      Our vision is to make a no-nonsense product with focus on the functionality of the vibrations. We like that the Europe Magic Wand is always ready and you do not need to know if it is charged or not or how much time there is left on the battery. After use, the Europe Magic Wand can be stored away right away, no need to have it lying around for charging.

      Lifetime of the product should be many years. With a battery the products functionality will degrade already after one year and often useless after 2 years.

      The key thing about Europe Magic Wand is the powerful vibrations. With a battery we have to make trade of’s between power and availability in terms of time the massager will run on each charge. The running time is heavily depending on the power level, so it will be impossible to predict how much time is left of the charge and let the user know.

      A good battery will add significantly to the price of the product and batteries are adding significantly to the pollution footprint of the product.

      These are the main issues why we have not yet implemented a battery in Europe Magic Wand. From a customers perspective, if you are willing to compromise any of the above points, then there is already plenty of alternatives out there:)

      Best regards
      Jesper, EuropeMagicWand.com

  • Reiner Ebert December 13, 2013, 20:15

    Hello, I would like to purchase this item. I would like to know where the closest retailer is located. I live in Saint Brieuc Bretagne France.

    Reiner Ebert

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